The Best Advice To Find A Cheap And Quality Mover

Most people realize moving is expensive and costs should be lowered whenever possible. One option is a cheap mover who is not low quality but affordable and reliable. Time is important because these companies book quickly with the ideal time to book being a couple months before you move. Recommendations from someone you trust are helpful and ask about the quality of service, affordability, their impression, and their experience. Finding cheap movers, packers, and cardboard boxes through a friend is an excellent start.

Read customer reviews and check the performance ratings. You want to avoid scammers who will offer a low price then increase it substantially once they possess your items. You want someone who will do a good job at a decent price. Check websites and request an estimate in your home. Compare the price calculations of several companies and remember if you get an estimate through email or over the phone it may not be accurate. A mover must see all your possessions to give an accurate quote. Stairs, no elevator, and tight corners or corridors may increase the price. You do not want an unpleasant surprise on the day you move.

Compare your estimates and consider the pricing. If one bid is substantially lower call the company for clarification. Check the services listed including packing, cardboard boxes, unpacking, crating, temporary storage, shuttle services, and hoisting. Licensing from the U.S. Department of Transportation is required for interstate movers and are issued a USDOT number as proof. Check the website for the American Storage and Moving Association to see if your potential mover is a member of this prestigious organization.

A tight budget means you must watch every penny. The last step before selecting your mover is negotiations. Talk to the moving companies and try to establish a better price. Since the final cost is dependent on numerous factors including the specific services requested, the total weight of your shipment, and the policies of the company, most prices are negotiable. Take the time to talk to the movers and ask if there are any price discounts you qualify for. This includes a first time customer, an early booking, a student, any ongoing promotions, and a returning customer. Look for any discount coupons on the internet for your potential moving company. If you find a coupon be certain you tell the company so you can save a little money.

When the company you would like to use has given you an estimate you can’t afford contact them and explain the situation. They may be willing to lower the cost enough to make a difference. Sometimes engaging in a bluff and telling them a competitor has offered you a better deal is the right strategy to get a lower price. The process of finding cheap movers who offer quality services and have a good reputation is not simple or easy. The outcome is worth it because you will save money. Follow the advice above and you can find a cheap mover you can trust.


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